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Nickie H.

These both look amazing!!!! I can't thank you enough!

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Bethany M

Christina took a resume of mine that looked like garbage and turned it into a work of art. She helped me get a cover letter together that not only helps describe me better but makes me look as professional as I feel. I can honestly say that if I ever need help again I will go to her.

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Cindy M

I contacted Christina to help me refresh my current resume and to create a generic cover letter. With experience in many different fields and a varying degree of skills, I was struggling how to promote myself. She was able to combine and promote the important stuff while putting it all on one sheet of paper eloquently. She was very professional and made the process extremely easy for me. In just a short time, I had everything I had requested. Thank you Christina! Job well done!

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Sheila W

Christina took a very generic resume and made it shine! I feel motivated again too get that job! Thank you Christina! Easy transaction and amazing results!

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Stephanie H

Christina did an excellent job rewriting my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. She has a great eye for detail and I am pleased with the results. I highly recommend working with Christina.

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Aleana H

She did an awesome job with my resume! I could of not done it any better. Great overall experience. Very professional.

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Anton C

Christina had a tremendous task of somehow organizing and making sense of my education, training, experience, and community service. When she and I interacted, she asked thorough questions so that she can work hard in putting everything together exactly how I wanted and needed. She was able to get a strong sense of how passionate I am about my profession. She was accountable throughout the process, and met each and every deadline. I highly recommend her services.

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Don B

Christina did an outstanding job with my resume and also the cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I would highly recommend her to improve resumes through her writing expertise.

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Claudio G

Thank you! It reads amazing. Recommending you will be a pleasure!

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Shubham S

It looks great!

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Brian F

Thank you! No doubt having a professional like you write a cover letter and resume is the logical choice over the average person who isn’t a professional writer. Your individual personal attention is obvious, I was amazed!

You could tell a great deal of time was spent immersing yourself into how personally someone wants to be represented. You show people how valuable they really are, something I think you can’t see naturally because of modesty. Thanks for your insight. Thank you very much! You’re the best!

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Nyrinkindi C

I like it!

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Elaheh R

Thank You! It was worth the wait. I like it!

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Aubrey B

It helps to have someone with a military background to help with writing a resume, and Christina definitely delivers! She helped me out with two resumes and a cover letter, and she emphasized a lot of essential and strong points that made my resume stand out well. If you’re a veteran and looking for help in resumes, Christina is one of the best out there–she can definitely give your resume a boost!

Follow-up: I wanted to thank you again for your awesome writing services. I just wanted to let you know how effective the resumes and cover letter were–not only did I get through to 100% of the positions I applied in, I just received an offer for an entry-level position from Dow Chemical today!

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Feeling Super Confident

I just received my resume and I swear I just cried!!!!!! Seriously?! I’m just blown away. I have a lot of accounting experience. I breathe accounting. I am an analyst, Analyst. An accounting nerd. But, I’ve always had that feeling of “disconnect” or feeling “less than”, because I do not have the education to back my knowledge. I make no excuses. Life! Anything negative that happens from here on is completely on me because my resume is stellar! I’d hire me! Thank you, is such a weak word for how grateful I’m feeling right now.

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Godfrey E

Christina is a true professional and knows her stuff. I needed my resume done and she immediately went to work – did initial interview, presented a draft, effected all relevant corrections, sent final draft …. all in a timely manner. She is so patient, a good listener too and the price is so affordable. She has earned my recommendation.

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Melinda H

I knew my resume needed a “lift”, its been a long time that I had an up to date resume. Christina done an amazing job, she totally transformed my resume and updated it to today’s standards. I am very pleased with her service.

Update: I just wanted to give you feedback on the resume you done for me.... applied for the job I wanted, got through the interviews and landed on the job... all thanks to resume that got picked from the pile.

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Sonsechria P

Christina is definitely an industry leader in Resume writing ✍, her details and industry knowledge is cutting edge. I was truly impressed with her work.

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Jon R

Christina is awesome! Christina rewrote my resume and I am very impressed with her work. Not only did she get it done in timely manor, she also was able to use her expertise to help recommend suggestions that will help my resume stick out compared to others. I high recommend Christina if you need any type of help with your resume.

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Jennifer R

I am very impressed with Christina’s ability to tie the quantifiable metrics into the experience portion of the resume. She successfully helped to build my brand. I am now confident in adding my resume and cover letter into my portfolio.

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Marcus Grant, USN Vet

As an 8 year United States Navy veteran and a 3-year corporate sales support specialist. It is very different and difficult to translate my accompaniments to paper. After putting out my LinkedIn resume help button I received countless offers and many talks. Yet Christina sounded so passionate about what she did and stated that she has helped veterans before translating their skills on paper.

At first, I was pessimistic but she asked for my awards and for me to do some research on my day to day impact at my company. The results where stunning I was blown away by the results that were provided in such a short time frame. I thank you, Christina, for taking your time in helping me and other your passion and drive show in your product of the resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn overview. Thanks Again

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Sara O

I was having a really hard time getting all of my job duties down on paper and figuring out which skills were important to share and which skills could be left off. Christina helped to update my resume by asking the right questions and listening to what I am looking for in a career search. She was priced well and also had a very quick to turn around in delivering my resume!

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Skip Y

Awesome job Christina! thank you. .thank you.

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Amanda H

I contacted Christina to help me update and refresh my current resume and create a cover letter. She was very professional and made the process extremely easy for me. My results were fantastic and I definitely could not have put my experience down on paper as eloquently as she did. If you are looking for a new job and are in need of a well-written resume, Christina should be your go-to.

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Amy O

Christina is an amazing person to work with. She crafted my resume perfectly. Very impressive! She has helped me at a very stressful time in my life to help me make it less stressful by creating a resume I am sure will help me within my professional career. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed.

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Erin M

I needed some help getting my resume under control. Needed for it to be more eye-catching with numbers and value added to it. Christina did not disappoint. I shared the result with some colleagues and others that work in the HR field and they thought that the result was GREAT! She did a wonderful job and I have already given her information to others. Highly recommend her if you would like to stand out.




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