While most people wonder how often you should update your resume, others choose a more annual approach. Instead of guessing, they choose to have their resumes done when they start their spring cleaning!

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your resume or LinkedIn profile. If you are in the job market, you will be able to get a head start looking for a job before summer break. While some may think the business world slows down at summer time, there are plenty of new opportunities posted every day!

What Resume Services Do You Need?

When you get your resume written, you may be presented with several confusing packages to choose from. Rather than guess, talk to a professional. Discuss your skill level on an individual basis to determine the services you need to be successful. After all, there is no need to get an executive-style resume if you are seeking an entry-level position. Instead, choose a service that closely aligns with your experience level and targets the type of career you seek.

When Should I Update My Resume?

Even if you are not looking for work, you should still consider updating your resume on a yearly basis. This helps you to remember significant achievements to add and keeps your document ready-to-use on a moment’s notice. Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile so that it matches the content on your resume!

How to Update Your Resume Quickly

Whether you are starting from scratch or doing a quick update, having your resume written by a professional can be the easiest solution. Professionals understand current industry trends and know how to get your point across.

To have a professional take a look at your resume or LinkedIn profile this spring, contact us today. We are happy to help you transform your existing document into one that commands attention!


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